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Managed Data Security - Denver, Boulder, Littleton, Lone Tree

Anchor Network Solutions offers a cloud-based data and mobile device security service for companies of any size who want a scalable and easy-to-deploy solution. Centrally managed through a web-based console, Anchor Network Solutions offers mobile device management, mobile antivirus, remote wipe & lock, device auditing, USB drive and hard disk encryption managed services.

Apple iPhones and iPads, Android based phones and tablets, Windows Mobile, Symbian devices, and PC’s running Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 are supported by the Anchor Network Solutions platform.

Join thousands of other companies today and make Anchor Network Solutions part of your bring your own device (“BYOD”) and mobile information management (“MIM”) strategy today.

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Managed Data Security - Denver, Boulder, Littleton, Lone Tree

Protect customer and corporate data with mobile security and disk encryption software from Anchor Network Solutions

Anchor Network Solutions Security is a cloud-based, managed suite of data security tools for individuals as well as big and small organizations. The scalable, cost-effective mobile security (smartphone, tablet) and computer disk encryption and management solution streamlines and simplifies data protection. The costs of implementing and managing "in-house" data encryption and security solutions is eliminated. Industry-leading data security technology

Anchor Network Solutions unique hosted solution is a single, secure industry-leading BYOD protection and management platform that unifies OSes, tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktops. It leverages and integrates Trend Micro Mobile Security for mobile device security and its FIPS 140-2 Certified Mobile Armor Security Engine from Trend Micro for disk encryption.

Smart devices like smartphones and tablets are protected using Trend Micro Mobile Security. Remotely wipe and lock devices, securely provision Wi-Fi and VPN, and more.

The BYOD trend also includes laptops, and the need to secure them has never been higher. Anchor Network Solutions’ disk encryption with pre-boot authentication protects hard disks using the revolutionary Mobile Armor Security Engine from Trend Micro — the worldwide leader in encryption and data security.

Portable device and drive security

Anchor Network Solutions limits a user's ability to transfer data to removable devices and computer disks, and remotely synchronizes with devices for easy configuration, deployment, and reporting. Centralized security management and IT tools

Anchor Network Solutions Central lets you:

  • Manage client applications over the Internet
  • Administer all users, mobile devices, computers, recovery keys, and other functions remotely.
  • Enterprise-grade auditing and reporting

Anchor Network Solutions offers customizable reporting designed to help you achieve regulatory and audit compliance and scales quickly and easily with cost-effective licensing. Advanced content encryption for USB keys and other removable media

Advanced Content Encryption lets you protect portable USB keys and smart devices' SD cards—so they stay encrypted regardless of where they go.

Secure everything you’ve worked for.

Managed Data Security - Denver, Boulder, Littleton, Lone Tree