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Are you moving offices but don’t know how to safely move your computer network, PCs, servers and printers? We can definitely help you. Anchor Network Solutions specializes in IT relocation and network office moves and proudly serves Denver, CO. We can help you relocate all of your IT assets quickly and safely and get them back up and running in your new office.

The sooner an IT relocation is planned the less risk you'll experience. We can help you plan, coordinate and execute a successful IT / network move. We've seen it many times before, companies “hope for the best” approach turn in to a network disaster. An unplanned network move can cause companies to scramble in the new office trying to figure out how to bring the network back up.

Our Solution:

  • Appraising & planning business technology requirements for your new office.
  • Evaluating available connectivity resources - and identifying restrictions your new property-owner may enforce.
  • Creating a flexible business continuity plan to protect your valuable data and information.
  • How to organize a technology move - from packing tips to the order of migration.
  • Creating & effectively using a business technology test plan to ensure everything is working on the first day in your new office.

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