Client Spotlight – Blue Sky Plumbing & Heating

Each month Anchor Network Solutions will spotlight one of their many unique clients that look to us to manage their IT needs.

We will highlight best business practices, the challenges they face and why their relationship with Anchor is crucial in the running of their day-to-day business.

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First Up: Blue Sky Plumbing & Heating

Located at 4765 Independence Street Wheat Ridge, CO 80033, Blue Sky Plumbing & Heating believes in being a good steward of the environment. We encourage energy-efficiency and water conservation whenever we can. One way we support that value is by offering higher efficiency heating systems and low consumption fixtures. We’re happy to make recommendations and consult with customers to help them make the best decisions for their homes, businesses and the environment.

We thank Jesse Lanyon, Owner of Blue Sky Plumbing and Heating for his responses to the following questions:

Q. What brought you to your current role with Blue Sky Plumbing & Heating?

JL: The Lanyon family has a long history of providing plumbing and heating services throughout the Denver Metro Area dating back to 1916. My father started Blue Sky Plumbing and Heating in 1988 and I began to get involved with the company while I was still in high school. I started working with my father full time when I was 18 years old and have now been with the company thirteen years. Following in my family’s footsteps, I proudly became a fourth generation Colorado master plumber in 2005.

Q. What are some of the daily business challenges you face?

JL: One of the things I enjoy most about this line of work is that each day brings its own unique challenges. Because of the climate in Colorado we have the excitement and challenge that goes along with living in extreme cold and sometimes unbearably hot weather. Whether we’re helping a customer out with a broken air conditioner, failed heater or a flooded basement there is never a dull moment.

Q. As a leading provider of plumbing services in CO, what makes Blue Sky Plumbing & Heating stand out from the rest of the competition?

JL: We’ve been servicing the Denver Metro area for four generations and know what it takes to provide our customers with the level of service they expect and deserve. We are one of the most versatile and well-rounded companies in town and employ a team of very skilled and talented individuals who understand what it takes to provide that level of superior service we strive for.

Q. What’s an ideal client for Blue Sky Plumbing & Heating?

JL: An ideal client for Blue Sky Plumbing & Heating is someone who we are able to prove ourselves to and build long-term relationships with. We want to be that company our clients can rely on for years to come.

Q. What do you do when you aren't working?

JL: Work certainly takes up a large part of my time but when I’m away from the business I love to golf, play volleyball and hike as much as possible. My wife and I share many of the same interests so it’s great being able to enjoy the activities together.

HOW LONG have you been a CLIENT WITH ANCHOR, and why is the relationship crucial in the running of your day-to-day business?

JL: We’ve been a client of Anchor Network Solutions for approximately five years now. Our business relies so heavily on an efficient and trouble free network and computer system and cannot afford the problems that go along with untimely breakdowns and interruptions. Anchor Network Solutions has done an outstanding job providing us with “top notch” customer service and response time whenever we’ve had any issues in addition to keeping our network properly maintained and working at peak efficiency. We’ve developed a great relationship throughout the years and I look forward to continuing it for years to come.

To learn more about how Jesse and Blue Sky can help your business, please contact 303-578-6177, 24/7 or visit,

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