Client Spotlight – The Rocky Mountain Youth Clinics

Each month Anchor Network Solutions will spotlight one of their many unique clients that look to us to manage their IT needs.

We will highlight best business practices, the challenges they face and why their relationship with Anchor is crucial in the running of their day-to-day business. We then give each client an opportunity to ask Anchor a question. It may be technical, personal or out in left field.

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First Up: The Rocky Mountain Youth Clinics.

Located in Aurora, Denver and Thornton, The Rocky Mountain Youth Clinic, (The RMYC) provides accessible, affordable, high-quality health care to children and adolescents in Colorado regardless of their insurance status or family's ability to pay. Their services are prioritized for the under-served and at-risk youth, including those who are from low-income and/or homeless families.

We thank Barbara Tafoya, of The RMYC, for her responses to the following questions:

Q. What brought you to your current role with RMYC?

BT: I enjoyed getting to know our families when I worked as a front desk clerk 19 years ago when we were known as the Family Health Center-Pediatric Clinic. The clinic was then a hospital-based clinic at Presbyterian/St. Luke. A few years later Dr. Wolk founded The Rocky Mountain Youth Clinics (RMYC) a non-profit, which provides high quality health care to children in Colorado who many times are not able to afford health insurance. The mission was and still is a great one, and I had to be a part of it! I feel like one of the body parts of the organization, and as the organization evolved, I moved right along with it.

Q. What are some of the daily business challenges you face?

BT: Right now, communication. With our staff spread out to our 3 clinics, 3 mobile clinics, 4 school-based clinics and various sites for which we provide medical care and the lack of a server, communication is a challenge. We are currently working with Anchor to move to Cloud based services as suggested by them over a year ago.

Q. What service does your organization provide that no other organization provides?

BT: The RMYC not only provides health care at little or no cost, they "CARE" for children and their families in many other ways. To name a few; Dental care, literacy program, mental health care, food assistance, weight management, Holiday gift program, food pantry for food insecure patients, prescription and laboratory testing fee assistance.

Q. What’s a success story for RMYC?

BT: The Walker family came to The Rocky Mountain Youth Clinics (RMYC) five years ago when their previous clinic closed the door on Medicaid patients. One of the first things that struck Cyndi (mom) about The RMYC was that she immediately felt that her children were “getting better care at a Medicaid clinic, than they had been getting at a private hospital.”

Before the Walkers started using The RMYC, Andrew had been misdiagnosed with ADHD and a form of Schizophrenia. Subsequently, he was unnecessarily medicated. After a full workup with The RMYC providers, they corrected the diagnosis to Tourette’s Syndrome. Now Andrew (the eldest of 4) is thriving, and that makes the Walkers happy.“We really love all of the people that we have met at The RMYC. We know we are in good hands.”

Q. What do you do when you aren't working?

BT: I enjoy spending my time with my husband going for a jog or long walk and watching movies together. Three grandsons fill our time too, and they are all so special! Did i say three? I meant four! "Honey" is what they call me. I love it!

Q. How long has The RMYC been a client with Anchor, and why is the relationship crucial in the running of your day-to-day business?

BT: To years of more time! Time and solutions! We rely heavily on technology for our daily operations, and the whole of our patient care is electronically based. Every person at The RMYC uses a computer, and most are connecting to outside programs to perform their work. We must have a working system and knowledgeable leadership!

Now it’s your turn to ask Anchor a question:

BT: Matt, what's your bowling average?

MM: Mine is usually around a measly 100-ish. I think you’re looking for Mike “Lebowski” Stewart, who averages 175..

To learn more about how Barbara Tafoya and RMYC, please contact 303.869-2173 or visit,

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