Summertime Means Vacation!

The arrival of summer and school being out means it’s time for vacation! Here’s what some of our staff have been up to:

Corey Pottratz

Autumn, Khloe, and I went to Missouri in June for a wedding, Khloe’s Birthday, and to see family.

Play Fair, Win Big

If you have ever been tempted to cut corners in your life or business watch this video. You can play hard, work hard and win big by focusing on teamwork and fair play. Mitch Marcus had total devotion to the game of basketball and when it came to crunch time everyone came out on top.


Teamwork is an important part of your business. How does your teamwork stack up against these junior high school football players? Teamwork makes your business a winner for you and your customers. 

Honesty Shouldn’t Go Unrewarded

Honesty is one of those human actions that makes our world a better place. Often acts of honesty go unrecognized except by those involved. Watch this video and celebrate with the people where it was recognized in a big way. Have an honest day!

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

How often have you missed an opportunity because you "assumed" something that really was not true. How often have you misjudged a person because of the way they looked?

Do you do this to your prospects and clients and miss the sale? Check those assumptions at the door.