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Cybercrime has become an epidemic, specifically dentity theft- which offers criminals irresistible amounts of profit. High-profile crimes like the Target data breach demonstrate that sophisticated hackers can easily steal personal information of millions of people. To understand how these cybercriminals operate, it is necessary to understand the dark web.

This anonymous cyberspace allows for all types of transactions, including the buying and selling of stolen information like credit card numbers and Social Security numbers. The hackers behind the Target data breach, for instance, could sell the stolen data on the dark web and accepted payment in cryptocurrency without even the buyer knowing their identities. The buyers can then use this information to commit fraud and identity theft.

Unfortunately, law enforcement and regulatory agencies have no way to identify dark web perpetrators. Companies and individuals need to protect themselves from thieves who hunt for private information on the dark web. The only way to do this is with a dark web monitoring service. These sophisticated surveillance services scour the dark web for personal or company confidential data.

Anchor Network Solutions offers comprehensive dark web monitoring services and dark web scans in the Lakewood, CO area. We are a preferred local dark web monitoring company available to help both SMBs and enterprises alike ensure their data is not compromised and available on the dark web.

Public Web vs. The Dark Web

On the public web, everything can be accessed simply by entering a web address or using a Google search. As immense as the public web is, it still encompasses only 4% of all the material on the internet.

The deep web comprises 93% of online material. There is nothing nefarious about the deep web. It is simply the restricted access areas for legitimate business, personal and governmental functions, such as company intranets, government databases and websites requiring membership or payments. In short, the deep web is for non-public information, but it does not offer anonymity to users.

The dark web, which represents only 3% of the online world, is both public and anonymous. It requires no special permissions or memberships; for access, users simply download an alternative web browser that uses a circuitous route to navigate the web. This alternative route randomly layers users' IP addresses so no one can know which user is accessing what. This provides the users with total anonymity.

While the dark web includes some legitimate activity, it is a haven for those intending to buy or sell digital data that can be used for online fraud and identity theft. The dark web is the only place to reach a giant market with no chance of being caught.

Dark web monitoring services are essential in this era of rampant data theft. Using the web, cybercriminals can sell information across international lines, making detection virtually impossible. Dark web monitoring is the only way to know if an individual's or company's data has been compromised. Acting on dark web monitoring alerts before fraud or identity theft takes place is the only way to avoid becoming a victim.

Why dark web monitoring software has become essential

Dark web monitoring software allows companies and individuals to fight back against fraud. The surveillance software uses algorithms to scan the dark web for specific information. For example, if a data breach resulted in a credit card number being stolen, the card's owner can enter the card number into the dark web monitoring software and, within minutes, know if the card number is on the dark web.

Users can search for any type of sensitive data, from Social Security numbers to passport numbers to bank account numbers. Once the software identifies a piece of data as circulating on the dark web, the owner can act to prevent use of the information by closing accounts, changing passwords and getting an alternate Social Security number.

We can help ensure your company data, passwords, and client information remains secure and off the reaches of the dark web. After performing an initial dark web scan, we will continually monitor your employees and company data for instant alerts and notifications if any is detected on the dark web. Our dark web monitoring has helped numerous companies avoid suspicious transactions and data breaches.

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