Microsoft Announces Windows 10 as the Last Version of Windows

Last week Microsoft announced that its upcoming version of Windows-Windows 10, will be the last version of Windows made. Is Windows going away? Not at all. Microsoft is shifting its model to delivering the operating system as a service. While it may sound different, if you own an Apple iPhone or iPad, you are already familiar with how this works.

Geek Your Rig

See how one Windows 7 user has maximized the use of Windows 7 and Windows Media Center to make a killer home media center.

Personalizing Your PC

Watch this video and learn how to personalize your PC. You will learn how to: change your user picture, change your desktop background, change your system sounds and change your computer's resolution to make the text more readable. How do you personalize your PC? Let us know how we can help make your computer, "you"!

Windows XP End-of-Life Doesn’t Have To Spell Disaster!

We reported earlier this month, that the end is near for Windows XP, as Microsoft ends support for the massively popular - but 12-year-old - windows operating system on April 8, 2014. Our last piece covered the announcement offered and a list of questions you should be addressing now to prepare.