Microsoft Surface Pro Available February 9th

Many of our clients have been asking about integrating a tablet into their business network. Some clients have tried using iPads or Google tablets and found they weren't very business functional or were clunky to use for anything other than email and web browsing. With the release of the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet, all of that may change.

Microsoft’s Pro version of their Surface tablet will be available in just a few short days. The previously released Surface RT is aimed at consumers, while the Surface Pro will have the full version of Windows 8 and will be able to join a business network. The tablet will run about $899 for the model with 64 GB of memory and the Surface Pen, which allows users to write or draw on the device. The Touch Cover keyboard or Type Cover keyboard which as depressible keys will cost another $130.

Anchor will be purchasing one of these tablets when available and will post our thoughts after we test it. We are excited about the possibilities for our clients as it integrates with Microsoft Office and can run line of business applications that have been previously limited to laptops or desktops. Imagine a doctor who can move from exam room to exam room with the tablet and EMR software, or an HVAC field technician that can enter service call data right from their truck. For business travelers who primarily use Office and Adobe apps, your carry on just got lighter!

It is important to note that while Microsoft has entered the hardware arena with their tablet, many other hardware vendors will be making similar touchscreen devices as well based on the Windows 8 operating system that may better suit your needs. Let us know if you have questions regarding the Microsoft Surface Pro and we’ll be glad to discuss!

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