Client Spotlight – Metro West Housing Solutions

Each month Anchor Network Solutions will spotlight one of their many unique clients that look to us to manage their IT needs.

We will highlight best business practices, the challenges they face and why their relationship with Anchor is crucial in the running of their day-to-day business. We then give each client an opportunity to ask Anchor a question. It may be technical, personal or out in left field.

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Up this month: Metro West Housing Solutions.

Located at 575 Union Blvd, Suite 100 Lakewood, CO 80228, Metro West Housing Solutions is a non-profit property developer, manager, and human services provider. Metro West Housing Solutions' staff of 54 owns and manages apartments in Lakewood and Denver, provides Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers to eligible Lakewood residents, and facilitates a wide range of human services for clients.

We thank Kim Buehler, Chief Administrative Officer of Metro West Housing Solutions for her responses to the following questions:

Q. What brought you to your current role with Metro West Housing Solutions?

KB: After 20 years of managing human services for the City of Lakewood, the Housing Authority made the decision to become a stand-alone agency and no longer under the umbrella of the City of Lakewood. Metro West Housing Solutions needed someone to handle the administrative functions including employee relations, payroll, risk management, purchasing, etc. and the Executive Director asked me to make the move to the “new” agency. I said yes and the rest of is history.

Q. What are some of the daily business challenges you face?

KB: Every day is new and interesting. We are never sure when a client will call with a concern, a resource we have never encountered is needed, a personnel issue may arise or there’s a hail storm and we have to figure out how to quickly replace 10 roofs damaged by the storm. The challenges keep our jobs interesting and allow each of us to creatively solve problems and grow with each decision that is made.

Q. What service do you provide that no other organization provides? (i.e. what makes your organization unique?)

KB: Metro West Housing Solutions is unique in our culture and quality customer service. There are many other Housing Authorities, but we take pride in our quality staff, values, and ability to provide quality housing to those we serve. Metro West Housing Solutions is “more than a roof”.

Q. What’s a success story for Metro West Housing Solutions?

KB: Our success is built around our clients. By assisting families with housing, they are able to maintain jobs, better provide for their families and further they education. As they do these things, they are able to move off housing assistance and become self-sufficient and contributing members of our community. Many of our activities, from development, educating staff and clients on being green, providing resident services and managing affordable housing provide members of our community with the tools they need to transform their lives.

Q. What do you do when you aren't working?

KB: With two kids in college, it seems that we are always on the road to watch a performance or deliver something needed or forgotten at home. It’s nice that both kids chose colleges close enough to home that it allows us to do these things. Otherwise, I’m still a volunteer for Girl Scouts, coaching and mentoring young ladies through their Gold Awards, the highest award in Girl Scouts.

Q. Metro West Housing Solutions have been using Anchor’s services since 2009. Why is the relationship crucial in the running of your day-to-day business?

KB: Anchor manages the IT for our agency. Anchor is crucial to our business because so much of what we do is through technology. The knowledge that our server is taken care of and running efficiently saves me from worrying about whether or not we are able to do business. The best part is the relationship. Anchor knows our business needs and proactively addresses them. The staff at Anchor also know us as individuals. With Anchor, it’s not a business relationship, but rather a personal relationship that they work hard to maintain.

To learn more about Kim and Metro West Housing Solutions, please contact
303-987-7808 or visit,

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