The End Is Near

Microsoft is ending support for Windows XP and Office 2003 on April 8, 2014. If your organization has not started the migration to a modern desktop, you are late and the countdown is on.
Top 7 Reasons To Upgrade:
  • XP has tons of viruses.
  • XP is OLD. (Almost 12 years old!)
  • XP is the least secure operating system.
  • XP was built for a simpler time.
  • XP is out of Band-Aids.
  • XP support is ending.
  • XP has more malware than ever.
Call us today to develop a migration plan for the hardware and software upgrades you need to avoid a serious security risk to your organization so you can stay competitive.
It's too late for the guy in this video, but you still have time...


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