Client Spotlight – Bakersmith Bookkeeping Group, Inc.

Each month Anchor Network Solutions will spotlight one of their many unique clients that look to us to manage their IT needs.

We will highlight best business practices, the challenges they face and why their relationship with Anchor is crucial in the running of their day-to-day business. We then give each client an opportunity to ask Anchor a question. It may be technical, personal or out in left field.

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Located at 12150 E. Briarwood Ave., Suite 203, Centennial, Colorado 80112, Bakersmith Bookkeeping Group, Inc is a Denver bookkeeping firm. Bakersmith Bookkeeping provides bookkeeping services – including QuickBooks and Payroll Services -- for small and medium-sized business throughout the Denver metro and south Denver metro. What sets Bakersmith’s Denver bookkeeping services apart from other Denver metro bookkeepers is that we custom tailor our services to each client’s individual needs.

We thank Jan Smith, for her responses to the following questions:

Q. What brought you to your current role with Bakersmith Bookkeeping?
JB: I was working in the tax department of a large company, but the culture of corporate America didn't allow for much family time or the flexibility to participate in my children's activities such as attending a game or school play. Once I opened my own company, my life was so much happier and more balanced -- so there was no going back, even after the kids were grown. Plus, I get to really know my clients and feel invested in helping their businesses succeed. It's much more satisfying.

Q. What makes Bakersmith Bookkeeping stand out from the rest of the competition?
JB: First and foremost is our flexibility. We are willing to offer our clients exactly what they want and need in bookkeeping support. Clients can pick and choose how much and/or how often they need help with any or all of the bookkeeping services we offer. If they want us to completely take over all their bookkeeping and accounting functions, we can do that. If they want us to just do one little part -- set up their books, file their taxes, manage their payroll or whatever -- we can do that too. Our clients really appreciate this about us.
They also appreciate that we're so available, accessible and responsive; they can call us any time with a question or a problem and we will not only respond, but we'll explain things in plain English. We're also fun to work with . . .yes, believe it or not accountants can be fun, and can have actual personalities and even a sense of humor!

Q. What’s an ideal client for Bakersmith Bookkeeping?
JB: Any small or medium-sized business that wants help with any aspect of their bookkeeping is an ideal client for Bakersmith. We offer free consultations, so we you can encourage your clients to call us if they want to explore the services we can provide.

Q. HOW LONG CLIENT HAS BEEN WITH ANCHOR, why is the relationship crucial in the running of your day-to-day business?
JB:We were one of Anchor's very first clients, when Vince first opened his business. Just as we take care of the bookkeeping and accounting functions for our clients so they can focus on their core business, Anchor handles all our IT needs, making sure our equipment and systems run smoothly so we can focus on taking care of our clients. Right now, they are helping us move to the next level with our IT, which is going to streamline our functioning and efficiency even more. We are very appreciative of the service they provide.

Now it’s your turn to ask Anchor a question:

JB: I would like to know how many days off Vince gets for golf, skiing and other recreational activities! 🙂
A:I am a weekend warrior and ski mostly on weekends. That said, I’m always up for a weekday golf or ski outing with a client if they’d like to go. That counts as work, right?

To learn more about how Jan and her business, please contact 303-792-0655 or visit,

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