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What Is Azure Active Directory?

Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) is part of the suite of products in Microsoft Office 365. It’s a cloud solution that combines core directory services such as application access management and advanced identity protection. For both on-premises and cloud applications, it delivers single sign-on (SSO) access that increases user productivity.

AD enhances the synchronization between users, thus ensuring they’re up to date. In turn, the increased efficiency ensures your entire technology ecosystem generates an ROI.

Key Features of Azure AD

Azure Active Directory is a comprehensive cloud solution. Moreover, beyond its capabilities it also has unique features that makes it stand out. These include:

It’s Cloud-Ready

Collaborators and users have immediate access to a personalized web-based access panel. It allows them to launch all their cloud applications whenever and from wherever they are. In addition, you still have full control over what users can access.

It’s User-Oriented

One of the features that truly set AD apart is its user-oriented design. It allows you to streamline authentication and password processes. Moreover, you can communicate with users outside the company without relinquishing any control over sensitive data and apps.

With the array of self-service options it offers, you can use a variety of features to deliver a better and more consistent user experience.

It’s Secure

Another key focus area of Azure Active Directory is security. You'll be able to set up alerts and monitoring and detect and mitigate threats. Moreover, with its machine learning capabilities, you will have the information you need and the capability of identifying patterns to respond to threats quicker and more precisely.

Azure Active Directory Support

If there’s one thing you should know about AD is that it’s not about having it but how you use it. At Anchor Network Solutions, we offer Azure Active Directory consulting to ensure you get the most from it.

Here are some of the benefits of AD support.

  • Integrated Solutions

    Your Azure Active Directory consultant will help you with the setup to ensure you have seamless access to your apps. This will be via a single sign-on that you can use on any platform and from anywhere.

    You’ll also have secure access to both cloud and on-premises applications. Accompanying is the automatic synchronization of user attributes to your cloud.

  • Enterprise-Class Protection

    As your teams work on projects and share information, it's essential that the data remains safe. Through our Azure Active Directory consulting services, you'll enjoy enterprise-level protection. This involves setting up strong conditional access and authentication policies to safeguard user credentials.

    We’ll also set up multi-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access. All these will be capped off with robust threat monitoring and mitigation.

  • Secure Remote Access

    The modern workplace is highly dynamic and values flexibility. Enterprise-level security featuring multi-factor authentication allows your users to enjoy secure remote access for on-premises and cloud apps.

  • Simplified Management

    With Azure Active Directory, you get a combination of key features and services. These include:

    • Core directory services
    • Identity governance
    • Application access management

    With this powerful blend, it's much easier for IT teams to sync users, devices, and groups in a simpler and more manageable process.

Azure Active Directory
  • Customized User Journeys

    Each user and customer you interact with is unique. As such, they want solutions that reflect this. Azure Active Directory support allows you to use simple social identity authentication and identity management.

    Such capabilities allow you to reduce sign-in friction and customize user journeys. This enables you to engage with each user in a more meaningful way.

  • Offload IT Micro-Tasks

    A key security feature in any system and network is the use of passwords. However, one of the biggest tasks that IT teams face is creating and changing passwords by users. It's a minute task that takes up much of their time that would otherwise be spent on other key tasks.

    With Azure Active Directory, you'll have self-service password reset capabilities. If and when users want to change their password, they can do so independently.

Professional Services at Your Door Step

Leveraging the full capabilities of Azure Active Directory calls for expertise and experience with the platform. This is exactly what we offer, along with professionalism and excellent customer service. Schedule an appointment with an Azure Active Directory consultant to get started.

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