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How secure are you?

Not all antivirus software can stop a Cryptolocker threat.

Having an antivirus on your computer is a good security measure, but it does not stop a well-hidden cryptolocker virus. A cryptolocker virus, like most viruses, can harm your computer and can make your files unusable, or out of reach. What sets it apart from other viruses is that it is hidden in an advanced encryption method that the antivirus software is not able to identify. Moreover, once you are infected, it takes your data files hostage and asks for a ransom to be paid thru cryptocurrency transfers. The ransom demand may cost thousands to millions of dollars which would be a financial burden to any business.

Anchor Network Solutions provides cryptolocker removal services and cryptolocker prevention to companies in the Denver, CO area. Our team has the know-how and experience to help your organization navigate a cryptolocker removal situation with the highest probability of recovering files and data. Once your organization has been targeted by a cryptolocker virus, it is imperative you implement some form of cryptolocker prevention to ward off any future attacks. We can advise you on the best means of doing this for your company pre or post-cryptolocker virus attack.

Say goodbye to malware and viruses

Anchor Network Solutions is the most reliable ally for matters of security.  Our Cryptolocker removal and prevention services are powered by our experts in IT and network security, plus our established recognitions and certifications in the IT industry.

Ransomware Protection

Preventing cryptolockers from invading your computers is much easier than resolving a cryptolocker incident. Anchor Network Solutions provides prevention services that should take care of your security concerns. We will create a system - custom made for your organization - to make sure all entry and exit points of data are filtered and controlled within acceptable standards. This should ensure Cryptolockers and other network threats are kept away from your confidential files.

Ransomware Removal

Computers already infected by Cryptolocker malware still have a chance to recover lost files and return the old system in place. All it takes is decoding the encrypted keys in the cryptolocker software. However, decoding this cryptolocker requires software and an IT security expert - which Anchor Network Solutions has. Our IT security agent will recover your files in no time!

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