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Supporting and managing the servers in your business is not something that you should try to handle yourself. Anchor Network Solutions is your trusted local provider of server support and server maintenance and management services in the Arvada, CO area. We'll ensure your server is running in top condition, 24x7. Contact us today to learn more.

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A professional plan will help avoid Windows server problems later

Installing and managing servers is complex. Fortunately, Anchor Network Solutions can help you set up your servers. We can help you identify your needs and develop a detailed implementation plan.

The first thing to consider is where to put the Windows server. You might choose a secure space inside your business or install it in a datacenter. Wherever it is, it needs a good internet connection, reliable power and environmental controls.

Also consider a backup power supply in case of local power surges. This will keep your Windows server up and running. You need separate storage to back up your files and data too.

Finally, we can help you move your data and workloads from any older hardware. Many businesses often overlook this, which can cause big headaches later on.

Anchor Network Solutions will take care of the tricky technical parts

After forming a plan, it’s time to get technical. We need to fire up the machine, connect it to the internet, install updates and set the right preferences. This is a hard process because procedures vary based on server functions and your business's needs.

Anchor Network Solutions' skilled staff can configure your system correctly. We'll tailor it to your business and optimize its performance. More specifically, we'll help you:

  1. Manage user passwords and access to apps, services and data sources.

  2. Turn on security controls for hardware, software and network access.

  3. Activate data communications channels. (These are called ports.) We'll close others to block hackers.

  4. Set up operations and performance management controls for logging, monitoring and load balancing.

  5. Create backup plans for keeping your data safe.

  6. Configure any special functions. These include web servers and databases.

Regular tuning for your Windows server

Your Windows server needs routine monitoring and care work reliably. Here are some key things to watch for:

  1. Computer logs identify possible issues before they affect operations. They can alert you before problems arise.

  2. Hackers always search computers connected to the internet. They look for open ports or steal user passwords to install malware and steal data. Good security monitoring can let you know when your system is under attack.

  3. Software makers often release updates (patches) to plug security holes and fix bugs in their code. Patches need to be reviewed and implemented.

  4. Vendors regularly release updates to improve performance. This helps keep your IT devices up to date to protect your investment and reduce risk.

As a qualified managed service provider, we can help you take corrective actions when needed to ensure security.

Anchor Network Solutions can help.

Many smaller companies have IT staff for day-to-day tasks. But setting up and managing a Windows server requires special expertise. This can be hard for most SMBs. Many find that managed services are more affordable.

Anchor Network Solutions can help you with your Windows Server installation and provide support services ongoing or as needed. Contact us today!

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