How Windows Phones can help businessmen

How Windows Phones can help businessmen

The Windows Phone – Microsoft’s mobile operating system – is one of the very first platforms to ever power intelligent mobile phones. Considering how strong of an impact it’s brought to the mobile world, it’s no surprise that business owners are slowly shifting to the Windows Phone platform despite how Android and Apple are currently dominating the industry.

The Speech feature on Windows Phone

WindowsPhone_Jan13_BOne common feature that can be found on nearly every major mobile operating system is the ability to use your voice to interact with your phone. This is a great feature for users who can’t interact with their phone, say when they are driving. With the release of Windows Phone 8 came improved voice control, which you may or may not be aware was also carried over to some apps.

2 new Microsoft Surface tablets

WindowsPhone_Oct21_BMicrosoft released the Surface and Surface Pro last year to generally positive reviews, but the systems generally lacked what business users wanted. The Pro, for example, was overly costly, which turned many businesses off the device. Now, more than one year later, Microsoft has announced a second version of the Surface tablets.

Windows Phone: 5 free social apps

WindowsPhone_Aug26_BIt’s not hard to appreciate that the smartphone has become one of the most important tools at a manager’s disposal. Apps are one of the reasons for this, as they open up all sorts of possibilities, such as enabling us to access social networks and communicate on the go.

Move from the iPhone to Windows Phone

WindowsPhone_July03_BThe smartphone has become the constant companion of business owners, managers and employees. It’s rare to talk to someone who doesn’t have one. Once a phone system has been picked, people generally stay with it. However, new features and phones may prompt some people to switch.

From Android to Windows Phone with ease

WindowsPhone_June05_BFor the most part, many humans are adverse to change and creatures of habit. Think about the mobile phone you use. Chances are, if you have a smartphone, you’ve probably stuck with the same OS. While the systems are constantly improving, there may come a time when you decide to switch from say Android to Windows Phone.

Switch to Windows Phone made easier

WindowsPhone_May08_BTo many smartphone owners, there are really only two systems: Android and Apple. But there’s another system that is slowly gaining ground: Microsoft’s Windows Phone. Phones that run the Windows Phone operating system offer a solid system that conveniently links with other Windows systems.

The Surface Pro – 4 pros and cons

WindowsPhone_April10_BIn early February 2013 Microsoft launched their long-awaited high-end tablet, the Surface Pro. Despite the somewhat poor sales of the Microsoft Surface that had launched in late 2012, the Pro was slated to be the tablet that businesses would really be able to benefit from.