Fun Stuff

All of us at Anchor hope you get to enjoy some downtime this summer with your family. Last month Vince, Jamee, Ellie & Macy spent time at Disney World in Florida so the girls could visit the princesses. They didn’t wait in the 240 minute line for Anna & Elsa from Frozen, but they did have lunch at Cinderella’s Castle where the girls revelled in meeting Ariel, Snow White, Jasmine, Cinderella, and Belle.

Getting to Know Patrick Kiah

Patrick grew up in western New York and moved to Colorado in 2000. Online gaming got him into building PC’s for himself. This sparked his interest on the “inner workings” of computer networks and systems. Patrick’s time in the industry has been short by comparison to most at his level, only having been in the IT industry since December of 2009. He recently joined Anchor after working as Senior Infrastructure Technician, bringing to Anchor a broader knowledge of multiple systems/solutions and building on his best attribute: excellent customer service.

Fun Video: "Say Something Nice"

What would happen if you place a podium with a microphone in the middle of busy New York City and put a sign on it that says, "say something nice"? Would people actually stop and "say something nice"? Well, it turns out they did. See the results on this entertaining and wacky video, then go out and "say something nice" ... just like mom and dad taught you!