Mobile phone tethering options

Mobile phone tethering options

The smartphone is one of the most desired must-haves in business. And because of the desire or need to be able to access certain features, many users choose the iPhone because it is user-friendly and has a lot to offer. Whatever device you use, a basic requirements has to be the ability to go online.

Set the day your week starts on iOS

Set the day your week starts on iOS

Apple’s iPhone and iPad are definitely in the league of the most popular mobile devices. They come with various features and apps, including FaceTime, which is used for is video calls and Siri, a virtual assistant that follows voice commands. These devices also come with a calendar app – Calendar – that you can use not only for checking dates but for creating events as well.

Increase productivity with iPhone apps

iPhone_Feb03_BThrough iPhone apps, you can dramatically enhance the usage of your mobile device. You’re able to record video clips, share files seamlessly with other devices, and even create to-do lists to help organize your day-to-day priorities. The iPhone is an especially powerful tool when it comes to increasing your productivity, especially when you install apps.

iOS 7 tip: Navigate the calendar

Each year, when Apple releases a new version of their popular mobile operating system – iOS – users get excited about the new changes and features that are introduced. The newest version of iOS – iOS 7 – brings with it some great new features. It’s not all good news however, as some users are confused over the new changes introduced to the calendar app.

Here is an overview of how to easily get about in the new calendar app introduced in iOS 7.

Transition between weeks, months and years

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An overview of iOS 7

iPhone_Oct16_BStop for a minute and think about Apple’s mobile devices, like the iPhone and iPad. It’s hard to believe that the iPhone was first released in 2007 as it really feels like it has been around for more than a decade at least. On almost a yearly basis, Apple has introduced a new version of the operating system – iOS. In September, iOS 7 was released bringing with it some pretty drastic changes.

iPhone 5c Vs. the 5s. Which wins?

iPhone_Sep16_BSeptember 10 was an interesting day for Apple fans, as the company held their annual unveiling of the new iPhone. But, this launch event was a bit different from past ones in that not one but two new devices were introduced. This marks the first time Apple has launched two iPhones and the immediate question concerns what makes these devices different.