Small Firms Need Security Too

Despite the real threat of hacking and online thievery, a lot of small businesses do not consider themselves affected by it, says a report by While dependent on their computer systems for data storage, few realize that all it takes is one breach to destroy a cultivated relationship with clients and the company’s own financial status.

Business Safety and Banking Online

As hackers and cyber-thieves begin to target and steal from smaller businesses through their online banking systems, experts are urging organizations and businesses to strengthen their security systems so that their finances can be kept safe.

Online banking is a tool that many businesses utilize because of the ease, efficiency, and convenience it offers.

FB Isn’t Necessarily a Bane for Business

When it comes to professional businesses, many are quick to dismiss things like Facebook as needless distractions that are better off being banned from the office completely. But there’s another side to that coin: tapping into the level of connections and 800 million users on the massive social networking site may be the key to the fast-track growth that your business needs.